Recently, the world is changing violently with increasing intensity. Our daily life and our living environment are impacted by it so much that I wonder if many people are feeling as if they are being tossed around, even though the expression may sound somewhat extreme.

Under such circumstances, naturally, individuals and companies are influenced by international politics and global economy. As a result, I am afraid that employees in the workplace and their families are inevitably impacted by these conditions.

In 1989, our company was established in Yokohama and we have been engaged in our business as an independent system company ever since.

It happened that in the same year we witnessed a symbolic event which became a turning point of history, the "fall of Berlin Wall".

Since then, we have experienced a number of economic changes and natural disasters, including the burst of bubble economy, the financial crisis with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Great East Japan Earthquake and so on.

Naturally, business environment of our customers are changing rapidly as well. In response, it is essential for them to collect accurate information to make prompt decisions and to take necessary measures.

It is our responsibility and joy to be able to make contribution to our customers and the society as a whole by creating mechanisms for their use of information technology to meet those needs.

On the other hand, it is also people who will create such mechanisms to enable the use of information technology, and it is our duty as individuals to become engineers who will do our best to accomplish our own mission.

Also, we would like to be a group of engineers who, when we become a member of a team, each teaļ½ will cooperate with each other and coordinate in order to overcome difficulties, and share the sense of achievements and joy of the project together.

Nurturing many professional engineers, who are proud of having jobs like this, and through our activities, we will seek to make contribution to our customers and the development of the society as a whole.

President Koji Saito