BIT provides extensive service from software development including social infrastructure, medical care and distribution and retail related systems to various business systems software development and IT consulting service.

Cases for public utilities

Development of next generation accounting system

  • Based on "accounting operations reforms" to strictly straighten out accounting operations and reduce costs, BIT takes part in the development of next generation accounting system to refurbish current accounting system.
    Of the system compositions centering around Oracle EBS, BIT is engaged in the scratch development field, such as "accounting entry," "budget control," "standing order," "common component," etc., proposed new initiatives in relevant projects (off-shore/ near-shore development, agile development, etc.) and realized reconstruction of high-quality systems at low costs.

Case of information solution company

Comprehensive progress management system

  • BIT constructed a process progress management system for comprehensive management of operations from the receipt of return documents such as application forms and bills to scanning, data entry and databasing, providing trinity service including on-site system application support and data processing operation.
  • BIT realized reduction in customization volume by versatile system construction. Cost performance, high quality.
    BIT is contributing to the operational stability and efficiency by providing comprehensive trinity support.

New creation, renewal and/or update of websites

  • By establishing a secretariat specializing in website update operation with its director as contact person, BIT processes all update requests without delay.

Cases for airlines

  • BIT supported the development of reservation and ticketing systems and offered systems repairs and operational and maintenance service.

Major development cases

  • Travel agencies: System for reservation business and travel industry
    Measuring instruments manufacturer: Work flow management system
    Printing industry: Document management system development for banks, document receipt operation management system
    Electrical products major retailers: Member management system (scanning tool development)
    Medical care system: Sales support system, accounting coordination system, attendance management for hospitals, material management system