BIT CO., LTD. was established in Yokohama in 1989. Since then it has grown by providing system development/ operation and service.
At BIT, we have unshaken confidence in our "technical capabilities" and "quality," which we have cultivated as an independent system integration company.
BIT provides extensive service from various business systems software development and operation to product development.

Software development and maintenance

Through accurate understanding of customer needs and market changes, BIT offers software that solve various business problems.

Business application
By taking advantage of our many development results and know-hows, BIT develops business applications for our customers to meet their needs.
In addition, BIT provides support service for the construction of business applications in large-scale projects tailored to individual stages, such as business process analysis, project facilitation, off-shore/ near-shore development and continuous maintenance support.
Product and service
By uncovering potential wants and needs of corporations and markets, BIT provides products and service worthwhile to the users.
BIT provides these products and services not only to its domestic customers but also overseas customers, as it aims to expand its activities globally.
BIT provides total support for the construction and operation of its customers' websites from the concept stage, covering a series of operations such as planning, design, content production, various measures including SEO and security, to implementation, testing and publishing.
In addition, after publication of websites, BIT will provide continuous support for maintenance, update and management.
Support by engineer team
BIT's experienced engineer team will take part in customers' development projects on site to accomplish necessary project targets by working with customers as one unit.

Operation management and data processing service

Mainly with regard to the systems applied to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), BIT provides services such as verification of accuracy of business processing status management and business processing data details, as well as system tuning and maintenance for tabulation and improved processing efficiency.

Off-shore development handling

BIT is engaged in off-shore development in Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam as our bases, which makes it possible for it to provide service for less than half the costs in India and China. With accomplishment of business application development for as many as 26 years since its foundation, BIT provides "Japanese quality service" cultivated through projects in collaboration with many Japanese companies. In addition, BIT offers low-cost laboratory-type development.

Development of enterprise system and web application
Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Oracle, Spring Framework, etc.
Application software development (for PC and for smart phone)
Windows software and Android/iOS software for consumers
QA (Software test, UI test)

In-house product development and sales/ consultant support

BPMS(Business Process Management System)
BIT CO., LTD. develops and sells package software to perform operations management with complicated flow chart, such as "order entry process" and "production and shipping process".
GIS (Geographic Information System) system development and sales
BIT develops and sells products that use information technology for creating, processing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing geographical data, various information associated with location.
Partner: Hunes,.Co.Ltd
Bit model off-shore handling
By the off-shore handling on the development site, BIT provides high quality development service with minimum communication loss.